Postman is a leading Corporate and Web Video production company based in Toronto since 1994.   We are a comprehensive full service shop producing only top-notch video while providing quality, reliable service to our clients.

We are proud to have produced hundreds of successful projects for a wide variety of international companies, nonprofits and other organizations spanning all types of industry.  We have always set ourselves apart from the competition and as a result, developed a solid reputation and long-term relationship with our clients.

We are experts at working within client guidelines to develop a custom project that is dynamic, effective and maximizes the return-on-investment.  These days, more and more video is being produced specifically as web based content and thus, being viewed by a larger audience than ever before. Companies and organizations that didn’t necessarily need video in the past are suddenly finding they do now in order to stay competitive in the online world.

If you are new to the video production process, Postman is here to guide you through everything from initial planning all the way to editing, post and delivery. Using best industry practices we handle everything your video project may need:


  • 5.2 Billion videos are watched every month on YouTube
  • There are more videos seen on YouTube than there are searches on Google.
  • Video increases conversion from 19% to 45% (recent study in the retail sector.
  • One-half of all respondents shared videos via social networks to friends and family.
  • 76% of internet users watched video clips monthly – making video bigger than blogging or social networking.


It wasn’t too long ago that a website was considered a frill; something nice to have but not a necessity. Today, no company or organization would dream of being without a web presence as the internet has become too powerful to ignore.
Today, video is considered the frill; the nice thing to have on the website but not necessarily worth the investment. However, as the internet briskly evolves and grows, companies cannot afford to ignore video any longer.
Here’s why:
1. POWER TO INFLUENCE; Video is now recognized as second only to word-of-mouth in its ability to influence purchasing decisions. Video, in its blend of moving visuals, words and sound, has a powerful ability to communicate and influence perceptions and conclusions like no other medium can. Video and the internet are perfect partners and people are consuming online video in huge amounts. A company who recognizes this fact will not want to miss out on those opportunities to interact with customers 24 hours a day.

2. SEO – SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION; Unlike the Yellow Page Phone books of the past which listed companies alphabetically, website ranking is of critical importance because it positions websites in a perceived order of significance amongst their direct competition . Google, the world’s #1 search engine, determines ranking by evaluating many different components of a website including the use of  “Engagement Objects” which are interactive elements. The bottom line is without video, your website will not rank well, because that’s what Google is looking for in terms of a quality, user interactive website.
3. GROWING DEMAND; Online video is enormously popular and the demand is booming. Cisco Systems predicts that by 2018 online video will account for 90 percent of all Internet traffic. People are watching web video content for not just entertainment purposes but as a way to access easy to consume information and content across a broad range of other verticals. Watching a quick, effective video is proving to be friendlier for users than reading long blocks of text online. With smartphone and tablet penetration, corporations which fail to consider incorporating video content risk looking out of touch and may quickly find themselves left behind.



  1. WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE: We have 20+ years of experience producing videos of all description while building a sound reputation along the way. Along with our experience, we provide reliability, professionalism, efficiency and skill.
  2. WE MAKE IT EASY: We handle every aspect and detail of the entire video production process and ensure smooth execution, on time and budget. We are good at de-mystifying the process of video production for our clients and will lead your project through initial planning all the way to post-production and delivery.
  3. A VIDEO BEYOND EXPECTATIONS: Postman’s modus operandi is to create Authentic, Customized video projects. We do not stamp-out templated videos as if they are widgets. Our approach is to collaborate with our clients and employ the most innovative and creative methods to communicate the intended message of the video. The end result is always polished, dynamic and impressive.


At Postman, we offer an authentic approach. each and every video project is Custom-built for the client and Targeted for the audience in mind.


• Extensive Experience in Production, Post-production and Web Delivery Techniques.

• Focused, Broadcast-quality Storytelling.

• Talented and Highly Skilled Creative Team.

• Professionalism and Proven Success in our field.

• Experts in bringing together the Latest Video Production Techniques with the ever-changing world of Social Marketing.


•  Branding / Corporate Image Pieces

•  Training / Education Videos

• Marketing Videos

• Commercials

•  Live Event Coverage

• Product Demonstration Videos

• Product Launch Videos

• Corporate Videos

• Tour of Facility Videos

• Public Relation Videos

• Employee / Internal Communication Videos

• Sales Videos



Storyboards, Writing, Script Doctoring,  Idea Conceptualization, Location Scouting, crewing, casting.


Hi-Definition Shooting   (Alexa, RED, DSLR)   with some of Toronto’s top DOP’s,  Interviews, Studio Work / Green Screen, Professional Talent (models, actors).  One man band operation with Canon Cinema Cameras.


Editing, Music, Voice-Over, Motion Graphic Design, High End Finishing, Sound Mix and Design, Duplication, Web-Delivery.


Postman Web Video is an independent video production company based in Toronto, Canada. We’ve been in business since 1994.

From Concept to Fulfillment, we provide a standard of excellence to every video project we do.

Our Strength comes from our Experience. We’ve been there and done it all.

We offer a complete range of professional video services and can design a production that suits your needs and budgets. We’ve done everything from micro-productions  to  large Corporate image pieces and National Commercials.

Gord McFarlane is a Video Production Specialist and the owner of Postman Web Video. He is highly skilled and experienced in all areas of video production.

To view Gord’s extensive industry resume, please visit his Linkedin page.

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